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Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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Elevate your outdoor adventures with the Red Figures Golf Bump Bluetooth Speaker, a fusion of robust design and impeccable sound quality. This speaker is not just an accessory; it’s your gateway to an immersive musical experience, no matter where your golfing adventures take you.


Designed with the avid golfer and outdoor enthusiast in mind, this IPX6-certified waterproof speaker is built to withstand the rigors of any hiking trail or golf course. Whether it’s a drizzle on the back nine or a downpour during your hike, the Bump Bluetooth Speaker bravely faces the elements, ensuring your favorite tracks are always just a play button away.


Its compact size belies its powerful performance. Easily fitting into your golf bag or clipping onto your backpack with the included carabiner, this speaker is the epitome of convenience and portability. Take it with you on the golf cart, attach it to your belt, or hang it from your tent – the Bump is ready to go wherever you go.


But it's not just about ruggedness. With a Bluetooth working range of 33 feet, you can enjoy seamless connectivity without having to stay close to your device. Imagine setting up for a tee shot or navigating a tricky putt, all while being motivated by your favorite playlist streaming flawlessly from your speaker.


The built-in microphone and music controls add a layer of functionality, allowing you to take calls or adjust your music without having to touch your phone. Imagine the convenience of hands-free calls in the middle of your game, or effortlessly switching tracks as you move from hole to hole.


And let’s talk about the sound – with 2 hours of music at max volume, the Bump delivers crystal-clear audio quality, ensuring your tunes are just as sharp as your golf game. Whether you’re listening to upbeat tracks to pump up your energy or calming melodies to focus your mind, the Bump delivers consistent, high-quality sound.


Please note, while we’ve prioritized sound quality and durability, small text and graphics might not render perfectly due to the holes in the speaker grill. But we believe it's a small trade-off for a speaker that brings your music to life wherever you are.


The Red Figures Golf Bump Bluetooth Speaker is more than just a speaker; it’s a companion for all your outdoor escapades. Whether you're navigating the greens or exploring rugged terrains, the Bump is your soundtrack for every adventure.

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